The Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department (HIRMD) is located in Bella Bella, BC, home of the Heiltsuk Nation. HIRMD was established in January 2010 as an integrated approach to stewardship and decision-making related to land, water and cultural resources within Heiltsuk Territory. By providing technical advice to the Heiltsuk Tribal Council (HTC), HIRMD is responsible for land and marine use planning, managing the land and fisheries programs, implementing forestry initiatives, implementing the Reconciliation Protocol Agreement and other related agreements, and the protection of Heiltsuk culture and heritage.

The recognition and protection of Heiltsuk Aboriginal Rights and Title is taken into account in all HIRMD’s activities and decisions. HIRMD has developed specified strategic objectives, set out in the HIRMD Strategic Plan (2013-2016) and is guided by Heiltsuk laws, customs, traditions, policies and practices in carrying out its mandate.

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