June 20, 2016

2nd Appeal Notice - Election 2016

June 3, 2016

Important Community Memo to Heiltsuk Electors


June 3, 2016

RE:    Election Appeal, HTC Elections 2016


Dear Heiltsuk Electors,

This message is to notify Heiltsuk Electors that in accordance with the HTC Custom Election Code, an appeal was submitted to the Executive Director on May 31st, 2016 and formally received by the Election Appeals Committee on Jun 1st, 2016.

Upon review of the submitted appeal, the Appeals Committee has deemed the appeal to be valid.

Please note that no decision has been made on the final outcome of the appeal process. The Appeals Committee will be conducting further investigation, and their final decision will be announced at a future date.

According to the Election Code, the Appeals Committee has until  June 30th, 2016, to make a final decision on this matter.



Andy Callicum, Executive Director

Heiltsuk Tribal Council

May 17, 2016


We understand our membership is alarmed by today’s information bulletin on the BC Government News website. So are we. We want to stress to the Heiltsuk people that our Nation has not approved or consented to any LNG projects, or negotiated IBAs with any LNG proponents.  The information bulletin from the BC Government severely mischaracterizes the nature of our regional conversation with BC around LNG. At a joint governance meeting with Heiltsuk Tribal Council and the Heiltsuk Hemas Council in March 2016 we collectively decided to proceed with a Letter of Understanding on Environmental Quality, North Coast Skills and Training, and the conclusion of the Atmospheric Benefit Sharing Agreement. None of these constitute support for LNG. This followed the community feedback we’d received about seeking training dollars and fighting for a voice at the table on marine shipping safety.

Nowhere in that agreement do we gesture support for LNG. Nor would we do so without a clear mandate from the people. We intend to make our objection known to the BC Government, and Coastal First Nations are preparing a clarifying statement as well.

NOTICE: HTC Telus Phone Transition to Voice over IP (VOIP)

Recently, HTC began transitioning from Telus phone lines to a voice over IP (VOIP) phone system. While our main number (957-2381) has been ported over to the new VOIP provider, most of our other lines have not yet been released by Telus to our new provider. As a result, you may at times be met by a busy signal when calling our office, or experience issues with calls being forwarded to our new lines from the old Telus lines. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We anticipate that it will take approximately one more week until all lines have successfully changed hands to our new phone provider, and we expect that current issues will persist until that time. Once all lines have been taken over by our new provider, we believe that there will be no further issues with inbound calls.

This is truly a case of short term pain for long term gain. Presently, our office estimates that this change in telephone providers will translate to a cost savings to HTC of $70,000 per year. We greatly appreciate your continued patience and understanding on this matter, and will provide another update once we’ve been notified that all phone lines have been ported.