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For more information, contact Davie Wilson, Bylaw Officer

Sections 81-86 of the Indian Act gives band council the authority to create and pass by-laws. These are applicable and enforceable only within the boundaries of Indian reserves.  They applied to all residents regardless of status.  To be enforceable, they must be enacted through the process outlined in the Indian Act.  Contravention to the by-laws can result in summary conviction offence resulting in fines or other penal sanctions.

  • Download our official Heiltsuk Indian Band Residency By-Law, a comprehensive document regulating residency on the Band's reserves. Empowered by sections 81(1), (p.1), and (p.2) of the Indian Act, the Council of the Heiltsuk Indian Band has crafted this by-law to govern the residency of Band members and other individuals on our reserves. Through this by-law, we aim to uphold and safeguard our cultural heritage, ensure the health and safety of our community, and foster orderly advancement. Join us in preserving and nurturing the values and well-being of the Heiltsuk people.

  • Download the Heiltsuk Disease Emergency By-law, a crucial regulatory framework aimed at preventing the spread of contagious and infectious diseases within the Heiltsuk Nation's reserves. Empowered by section 81(1)(a) of the Indian Act, the Heiltsuk Tribal Council has enacted this by-law to safeguard the health and well-being of residents while respecting the Aboriginal rights and title of the Heiltsuk Nation.

  • Discover the Heiltsuk Nation Dangerous Persons and Trespass By-law, a vital regulatory measure aimed at ensuring the safety and security of the Heiltsuk Indian Band's reserves. This by-law, enacted by the Council of the Heiltsuk Indian Band, addresses concerns regarding dangerous individuals on reserve lands and trespassing activities, imposing penalties for violations thereof.

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