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Haíɫcístut Reconciliation

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Our Story

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The mandate of Haíɫcístut is the foundation of the reconciliation process.  It is a Heiltsuk word that means “to turn things around and make them right again.”  This was chosen to describe a new relationship with Federal and Provincial governments to right the wrongs that were imposed through the Indian Act and its assimilation policies.  It requires that trust be reinforced and enacted upon as a pinnacle of this new relationship building.  Negotiations between Heiltsuk and government representatives began in 2017 and continue to occur in agreeing on a new pathway forward.  This is formalized by agreements signed by respective partners with Heiltsuk and Federal/Provincial government representatives.  The goal is to improve Heiltsuk's social wellbeing using the concept of a Big House with house posts that represent development for Housing,

 Marine and fisheries, Self-government, Hailhzaqv Language and Economic Development.  These agreements include goals and objectives to rebuild using the symbol of house posts.   These house posts represent  Marine, economic development, and self-governance with detailed work plans and budgets to support these house post developments.  A total of $65 million dollars has been received to implement 55 projects and a total of 212 local jobs have been secured to completed these projects. 

These projects are overseen by an Implementation manager who is supported and guided by leadership and community representatives through the P̓áp̓aǧuála Steering Committee which is made up of elected and hereditary leaders, matriarchs and youth representatives from both on and off-reserve-membership. 

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