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Project Objective

Explore Heiltsuk Gvilas; Our History of Heiltsuk traditional code of laws and legal order, that the Heiltsuk have practised since time immemorial.

Through on-going research, and exploration and gaining a keen sense of Gvilas that has been documented (oral history) written history, with the intention of fusing the knowledge generated in a phased approach; that will inform future Heiltsuk Laws, policy, governance processes and nation building.  Rekindling Gvilas aims to explore Heiltsuk Gvilas; in phased approaches that align with community, culture, tradition, values that are supported and guided by our respected elders, knowledge keepers, chiefs, community and Heiltsuk members. Taking our Gvilas and translating and transforming to contemporary and modern-day governance practises. Articulating traditional Heiltsuk law in contemporary nation building

Project Goals

  • Research on going to create the knowledge base through the findings, creating and forming a systematic order of Gvilas

  • determining Gvilas as it is passed down generationally, orally, precedence, pictograms, conveying the importance it must bring to Heiltsuk culture and our traditional ways of being

  • examination of the colonial and traditional legal systems of practise.

  • review of Gvilas traditional law versus contemporary law, breaking out of colonialism in a unified manner, through stages that will support the formation and support of the stages of Gvilas work.


Rekindling Gvilas Project

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