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We Hear You

"We Hear You" is a confidential, secure, 24/7 crisis line app created by Heiltsuk Tribal Council. "We Hear You" is an app focused on reporting and preventing sexual violence among members of the Heiltsuk First Nation.

Users do not need to sign up or share personal information to access the app.

The two main purposes of the app are to allow users to call one of two 24/7, confidential, secure, crisis helplines established by the Heiltsuk Tribal Council, and to share information and educate users on consent, sexual violence, sexual harassment, and sexual violence online.

The app is also used to inform users about upcoming educational and community events and to access traditional Heiltsuk culture, such as music, artwork and videos of cultural events.

The app is very simple and is intended to be an "evergreen" app that will be updated over time as more resources and content are developed.

The app includes the required Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages and will conform to Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents

Act (PIPEDA) Where applicable.

More information about the app can be obtained by emailing

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