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Emergency Planning

Emergency coordinator works on preparing for any kind of hazards that can affect our community like tsunamis, hurricanes, power outages, heat waves, droughts, wildfire and evacuation. I also am a member of the Hospital Emergency committee and on the Coastguard Auxiliary board.

I have set up an Emergency Preparedness Committee we have 20 members from the community and meet 1-3 per month the committee ranges from the Airport manager, RCMP, BC Ambulance, Public Works, Hospital Director, School Principal, L&L Contracting, HTC HR, Coastguard Auxiliary, HTC Communications, Fire Chief, Bylaw Officer, HTC Health and Safety, Community Patrol, Health Nurse, Shearwater Marine Health and Safety Officer, Denny Island rep and HTC Program Manager. A lot of the committee have done FNESS, JIBC online training and we have done two tabletop exercises to date one on wildfires and the other on tsunamis we will be doing a airport tabletop soon. We held the Hike to Higher ground event in May to teach the community more about Tsunami preparedness it was successful with the high school students and some community members. I have purchased through funding grants 3 days worth of freeze-dried food for the community, 12 emergency radios, EOC computers, generators and tsunami maps for every household. I keep the tsunami sirens operational and test them in the community throughout the year. I meet with David Schadt of EMCR monthly where we discuss emergency preparedness with neighboring communities.


My office is located at, insert address, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

For more information,

Emergency Coordinator, Randy Carpenter


This department was created in 2019 in response to prevention, mitigation and response to natural emergencies such as tsunamis, earthquakes etc. 

  • formed an Emergency Committee

  • installation of the 2 new tsunami sirens we will have 3 in town soon to be operational

  • ongoing emergency training with Justice Institute of BC for myself and committee members

  • regular meetings with the Emergency committee

  • updating the emergency plan

  • looking for funding for a generator for the big house and Hall and emergency equipment

  • regular meetings with the EMBC Reginal Director

  • Coastal Nations board member “ coastguard auxiliary “

  • ongoing meetings with other first nation community’s sharing past experiences and preparing for the next emergency

  • also looking for training for community members currently have a S – 100 course in two weeks it’s a wilderness fire fighting course where are community members could fight forest fires for a living with this ticket

Emergency Preparedness steps taken implemented to date:

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