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What is Heiltsuk Self-Government 

Self-government is the ability of individuals or communities to independently make decisions and govern themselves, rooted in democratic principles that encourage active citizen participation for shaping societies according to shared values.

Mission Statement

Articulates the goals, purpose, vision, and intentions that the organization strives to achieve.  It encompasses the organization's values in its internal and external relationships.

The mission of the Heiltsuk Tribal Council is to embrace our traditional and modern practices and protect our way of life. Together we will ensure equality through Transparency and Accountability, leading us all to a Heiltsuk Self-Government.

Guiding Principles and values

  • Definition of Heiltsuk: “To Speak and Act Correctly” In Unity, we honor the meaning of Heiltsuk and affirm Gvilas, which is to uphold the laws of our ancestors.

  • Heiltsuk Tribal Council will create a safe and considerate working environment.

  • Heiltsuk Tribal Council will encourage originality, innovation and promote enthusiasm in meeting the requirements of our customers.

  • Heiltsuk Tribal Council will endeavour to cultivate profit growth through efficient production methods and procedures.

  • Heiltsuk Tribal Council will create a distinctive and progressive corporate culture.

  • Heiltsuk Tribal Council will make positive contributions to the community in which we operate and strive to become a model corporate citizen.

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