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This department provides a wide scope of supports and services that include  housing inspections, band rental maintenance and repairs, emergency repairs, home renovations, new home owner applications and supports, materials and supplies storage, rental unit applications and accounts receivable for rentals.

The demands on this department are great and processed through applications and supports.  This department oversees construction and repairs of band unit rentals. 

Program Achievements

  • An additional 22 new 3-bedroom rental units for families. This addressed families in overcrowded rental units and families waiting for housing.


  • Implementation of regular inspections and regular maintenance plan for Band Rental Units. This is to ensure the rental units and appliances are in good condition and build a relationship between Housing and the tenant. Having regular Inspections helps both the Tenant and Housing by fixing a problem immediately before it causes an inconvenience to the tenant; reduce the turnover time for each unit; ensure tenants are complying with their tenancy obligations. Seasonal maintenance plan ensures the exterior, interior, and services remain in good working order for Tenants to live in a well- cared-for place. This would minimize interruption in services and reduce repair cost for both the tenant and the Housing Dept, respectively.

  • Installation of 168 heat pumps for Homes and Rental Units.

Administers Target Project(s) for 273 Private Homes by applying for
renovation funds thru CMHC and ISC. We manage one hundred thirteen

(113) Band Rental Units (BRU) inclusive of 19 1-bedroom, 48 2-bedroom,
and 46 3-bedroom. We manages Seven (7) CMHC Rent-to-own homes in
mortgage. Assists Heiltsuk membership with New Home Ownership

Assist with Property transfers from Heiltsuk Tribal Council and between members. Works with Housing Portfolio on Housing Policies amendments
as needed.

What's next? Heiltsuk received funding for 2 Triplex - 3-bedroom rental units for families.

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