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Haíɫzaqv Constitution

Our Haíɫzaqv ancestors always had a constitution that guided them, helped them make decisions, and outlined the roles and responsibilities of different institutions within our Nation. This ancestral constitution is an oral constitution held in the hearts and minds of all Haíɫzaqv people. 

What we are seeking to do now?

Articulate our Ǧví’las and ancestral constitution in a contemporary mechanism, a written constitution. We now have a draft of the constitution. The working title of the draft constitution is Q̓ áikasas Ǧví'las: The great laws of the Haíɫzaqv (the

“Haíɫzaqv Constitution”). The Haíɫzaqv Constitution is an expression of itself and a powerful tool in Nation re-building. 

The Haíɫzaqv Constitution will state who we are, what our values are, how things ought to be done in our Haíɫzaqv society. It will what state what we want for our community and our children and our grandchildren. The Constitution serves several important purposes for the Haíɫzaqv people and our communities. It's a way of upholding our cultural identity, protecting our title and rights, and maintaining traditional ways of life in the face of historical and ongoing challenges. 

A lot of work, time and energy has gone into the latest draft of the Haíɫzaqv Constitution. It has been an iterative process, with input from technical staff, language and knowledge keepers, cultural leaders and elders, lawyers and constitutional experts. In the Haíɫzaqv Constitution we are utilizing our ancestral laws and best practices to address current issues we face as a Nation and setting a path for the next stage of our journey to self-determination within the Haíɫcístut negotiation process. 

Next Steps:

On January 12, 2023, Haíɫzaqv Joint Leadership - Yí ̓mas, ̓Mṇúyaqs, and the Haíɫzaqv Tribal Council unanimously approved this draft of the Haíɫzaqv Constitution for community engagement. For clarification this is not the final draft of the Haíɫzaqv Constitution, but the latest draft. The Haíɫzaqv Constitution is a multifaceted and dynamic on-going process that supports cultural preservation and community well-being. It's a means of reclaiming agency, fostering resilience, and building a foundation for a more just and inclusive future for all Haíɫzaqv. Please watch out for the next phase of community engagement sessions on the Haíɫzaqv Constitution.

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