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Health and Safety Officer

Responsible for leadership and delivery of the Health, Safety and Environmental programs for Heiltsuk Tribal Council. responsible to assist project teams in the day-to-day operations by influencing, developing, and implementing project safety plans to help achieve the corporate goal of zero incidents.

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Works with all depts to verify the project is properly and effectively implementing HTC Health, Safety and Environmental Protection (HS&E) standards;

Conducting and documenting inspections to verify compliance with work safe policies and health and safety regulations hazards; Identifies corrective action to be taken when unsafe acts are identified during an inspection process; assists in resolving any issues of non-compliance; and provides education to supervisors, sub-contractors, and project site personnel in matters of health and safety; Participates and supports staff and contractors in conducting effective incident investigations that identify underlying causes and effective corrective measures;

Ensures all required HS&E documentation (subcontractor documentation, health and safety inspections, audits, daily hazard assessments, toolbox talks and safe work procedures and meeting minutes) are effectively organized and copies are shared with the appropriate groups;

Reviews incident reports, monthly statistics, inspection reports and can identify undesirable trends and provide appropriate recommendations; Works with the project team on the development / implementation of project specific safety plans, job hazard assessments and safe work procedures; Chairs and participates in HTC joint health and safety committee;

Acts as a coach and mentor for project staff and contractors by assisting in resolving any issues of non-compliance; and provides education to supervisors, contractors, and project site personnel in matters of health and safety and to promote HTC safety culture;

Acts as a resource to staff in health, safety and environmental protection processes and procedures; Maintains a working knowledge of, and provides consultative advice to project site personnel on, the interpretation of local and provincial regulations as they relate to both public and work-site safety; Assists and supports the implementation of the health and safety policies and procedures in accordance with HTC and regulatory requirements; Establishes and maintains collaborative relationships with management, project team members, contractors, public and regulatory officers Arranges training and verification of certification.

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