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Haíɫcístut Negotiations

Haíɫcístut is a Heiltsuk term that means “to turn things around and make them right again.”  Our elders, our nín̓úħaqḷa and Joint Leadership were not comfortable with the term Reconciliation, since it assumes that all parties involved have wronged one another. The Heiltsuk Nation has only ever defended the rights of our people and homelands and will do so until the end of time. It is up to Canada and British Columbia to decide when they are ready to right the wrongs of the past and walk the true path towards reconciliation by creating a new relationship with the Heiltsuk Nation, as we move towards self-determination.

Haíɫcístut is not a treaty. We have not been given a mandate by Joint Leadership (which is comprised of both Hereditary and Elected Leadership) and Heiltsuk membership to surrender our rights or title in any way, at any table – which includes Haíɫcístut negotiations.

What is Haíɫcístut Negotiations?

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