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SOK Minors Trust: Minors Distribution 

Post Ammendment

Two Payment Types

For Indigenous communities, a trust helps to ensure the money received from large settlements, and revenues generated from economic development, is used as intended by the Nation—preserving resources for current and future generations

Shortfall Payment

top-up on pastpayment below thenew set quarterlyamount 

payments with newset amounts

Upcoming Payment

How do I get the payment?

Verifying banking details means confirming the accuracy of provided financial information, such as account and routing numbers, to ensure secure and fraud-free transactions.

Verify banking details

Completing forms involves accurately filling in required information for various purposes, ensuring all necessary details are provided

Shortfall Payment

When Do They Occur?

September 29, 2023


How much is the payment?

Further Questions Contact 

Sterling Nelson, Relationship Manager 


Elsa Doxtdator-Jansson, Administrator

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