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Joint Leadership


This is a blended model of governance between Hereditary Chiefs and elected officials.  This ingenious and creative model fulfills the mandate of the Indian Act while adhering to the ancient model of governance.  This strengthens the vision of uniting to build self-reliance, independence while reinforcing culture, language, and values resulting in the reassertion of self-governance.  Rights and title stem from connections to our lands and waters through lineage of Hereditary Chiefs with ancestral ties and roots that are inalienable. 

Hereditary Chiefs are responsible for rights and title to their respective places of origin and through this inherited responsibility the must work in union with elected leaders to deal with political and cultural needs that include:  treaty, alliances, strength of claim, resource management, dispute resolution, and so on. 

A signed Memorandum of Agreement consolidates this joint work. It outlines jurisdictional control over lands and marine resources including sustainable use and management.  Its goal is to support and promote the traditions, culture, social and economic health and well-being of Heiltsuk citizens.  It outlines the vision of pathway to gain self-governance and self-sufficiency.  The 2020 signed agreement is for a three-year period.  The current MOU includes partnership between:  Heiltsuk Tribal Council, Hemas Council, Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Dept. and Heiltsuk Economic Development Corp.

Joint Leadership

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