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Language Revitalization


Haíɫzaqv & Haíɫzaqvḷa

Haíɫzaqv is the correct spelling of Heiltsuk. Heiltsuk is an anglicized version of our nations name and for the duration of this framework we we refer to the Haíɫzaqv as such. Haíɫzaqv means to act and speak correctly as a human being.


To restore the natural transmission of Haíɫzaqvḷa by increasing speaking, understanding, reading and writing of Haíɫzaqvḷa by all Haíɫzaqv. To support a high level of community engagement in the revitalization of Haíɫzaqvḷa. To follow a holistic language model that meets the needs of all learners, grounded in Haíɫzaqv values, culture, and worldview.


Haíɫzaqvḷa thriving for all Haíɫzaqv


Respect: We place value on our language, our people, and homelands
Reciprocity: We need each other to be successful
Resilience: We are strong, innovative and adaptable

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