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Given the challenges presented by the on-going pandemic, your HTC Capital Department has been very active the past 2-3 years to pursue and achieve funding for much needed projects in our community. 

I would like to thank my assistant, Vanessa Brown, HTC Finance Team, and Capital Committee for their contributions in support of the projects.

Along with the pandemic, climate change, has brought challenges as well. We need to be conscious and constantly be aware of how this will impact our community. We need to build future houses and community buildings that are energy efficient. We need to upgrade existing buildings in our adaptation to these changing weather conditions. This is what your Capital Department will be focusing on for future projects. 

“ As the climate changes, the way we build homes must change too. ”

Your HTC Capital Department is constantly pursing funding opportunities in support of new housing, community buildings and civil infrastructure for the betterment and well-being of our community.

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