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Economic Development

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Economic Development Plan

Our team will be working with consultants to complete our long awaited, community-focused and community-led, economic development plan. Our goal is to complete it by partnering with professional consultants who can complete it in depth , both effectively and efficiently, and in a way that keeps our Heiltsuk values and goals front and center. They will work with us to:


  • Assess our community assets, both current and future, along with the economic benefits.

  • Identify potential sources of funding.

  • Explore business opportunities.

  • Identify skills and training opportunities.


We are committed to growing a sustainable economy by creating meaningful employment within our community. We recognize that local training and certification plays a huge role in our members gaining meaningful employment within our community and we will continue to seek funding opportunities that enable us to provide courses and workshops within our community. 


We prioritize the health and well-being of our Nation throughout the economic development process by building a strong and robust foundation for our Nation through inclusive opportunities and promoting sustainable development.


Our team is fairly new and are all very committed to providing our community with opportunities and services that will strengthen our economy to the best of our ability. Join us as we work towards building a strong foundation that will lead us to the resilient and thriving economy that we’ve always dreamed of!


  • Contribute to sustainable economic growth

  • Create meaningful local employment and opportunities

  • Support entrepreneurial ventures.

  • Ensure Heiltsuk values are embedded within all of our endeavors

  • Community-led Economic Plan

  • To ensure all current, and future, economic goals strengthen our economy both individually and community-wide

Our Team.

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